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Top Eleven Scout And Transfer Tips

Top Eleven Scout

When you are interested in getting new players, there are basically 2 options for you:
  • Get into the bidding war and outbid other players in the game, or
  • Sign scout players without bidding

As you can see, scout players can be found under Transfer screen. Just slide to the left and all your superstar players will be there. Basically all players found in this list will be 6-stars with a special skill. These are the best players in the game.

Depending on the age, the prices will be different. To me, prices are not much of a concern. As you can see from the screen, the most expensive player cost $5.1M.  Cheapest can cost just over $2M. The toughest part to get these players are the Tokens required. To get 1 superstar, you have to spend 50 Tokens! Yes 50T!

This scout option is to attract people to buy tokens with cash in order to get these players immediately. Unless you are willing to wait 50 days to earn 50 Tokens, there's no simpler way. To me, I'll rather bid on the transfer listed players, which I find more fun. I'll explain how to select players to bid below.

Bidding The Correct Players

Since our Tokens are limited, it's always wiser to save up a number before you go into bidding war. I've ever bid for a player, spending over 20 Tokens and lost the bidding war due to shortage of Tokens. So if you decide to bid for a player, make sure you have at least 10-20 Tokens.

So which players should you bid? For me, I'll try to make sure all my 11 players will be 4 stars. However, 4 stars players are expensive and competitive. Many people are bidding them as well. So you either spend a lot of tokens to outbid them, or you bid smartly.

This is how I bid for a player with minimum token (most of the time, I'll just spent 1 Token):

Step 1

Look for only 3 Star players in the position you want. If you want a Striker, shortlist all 3 Stars Striker.

Step 2

Check their level. The picture below shows you a list of 3 stars players.

So which player should you bid? Let's zoom into 2 players:
  • Lorenzo Merz
  • Eder Roca
Lorenzo Merz

As you can see, Lorenzo Merz's Level is 25.

Eder Roca

As for Eder Roca, his quality is 29! Which means, after you've purchased him and train him for a while, he'll move up to 4 stars. Just by selecting the 3 star players with the highest quality will allow you to train them into 4 stars easily. Not to say the bidding war will be easier than purchasing 4 star players straight.

My advise

Since you are going to bid a player, you might well bid for the highest level that will be promoted soon. After a few trainings and matches, this player will definitely move up 4 stars. You can in turn sell this player next season at a much higher price, making a handsome profit. This is how I build and train my team daily.

So once a while, go into the market and source for players whom no one is bidding, grab them and train them. Once they have level up, sell them away.

So how do you bid for your players? Let me know in the comments below.