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Make More Money Through Ticket Sales

Top Eleven Ticket Sales

As I've mentioned previously how you can make more money through your ticket sales, you have to monitor it for every Home matches. Remember, only Home matches allow you to sell tickets and earn. You do not make any money from Away matches.

First of all, after every Home matches, you can go back to Fixtures and check your attendance.

You can see all the matches that has played so far. Just click on the score for the Home matches. Let's try.

Vanson FC vs Claudia FC (1:0) - League

This is purely for explanation and I do not have any other intention. After clicking on the score, I'll be able to view the attendance right below.

Just scrolled to the Supporters Tab, right at the bottom, you'll be able to view the Crowd. You can see that my crowd for this match is just 1524/3000. My stadium is only half full, which means my ticket price is probably too high.

Let's see another example.

Vanson FC vs JinX Pro (0:0) - Cup

For this match, my attendance shot to 2963/3000, which was overcrowded! This means my ticket price for Cup is too low.

So you have to adjust your ticket prices to maximize your earnings. Every match counts. This is how you can earn more money to bid more players. If possible, expand your stadium and seats for higher capacity.

Adjusting Ticket Prices

So with this information, you'll know whether to set your ticket prices higher or lower. You just have to go to Finances tab to do it there.

Under Tickets & Bonuses, you'll be able to adjust the prices. As for me, I'll just drop the price for League by 1, and up the price for Cup by 1. I'll monitor the next matches to decide further.

So how much are you setting your ticket prices? Let me know in the comments below.