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Adding Training Points

After each competitive match, or training, your players will be given the points to increase their skills. I've made a big mistake by setting it to auto. I've been using this for many seasons until I decided to explore the option of manually adding the points. I was laughing my head off!

Manual Adding The Points

After a match or training, you can see that your players will be given 1-2 points, depending on the age of the players. The younger the player, the more points he will get, and you can level him up faster. So it's a good advice to invest in young players. They can play many seasons for you.

You can see there's "Auto Assign" at the bottom right corner. DO NOT choose that!

You just have to manually tap on the "1 point", you will be brought to another screen.

There are 3 options for you to choose:
  • Defense
  • Attack
  • Phy. & Mental
For me, if my players are young, they seldom injure and therefore I do not waste my point on the 3rd option.

From the above picture, you can see that my player was a DR/DMR, which only make sense to allocate the point to Defense. Keep increasing the defense for all your defenders and not to Attack. This will make your team even more focus and stronger.

Allocation of Points

This is a summary of how I allocate my points.

For Defense:
  • GK
  • DL
  • DC
  • DR
  • DML
  • DMC
  • DMR
For Attack:
  • ML
  • MC
  • MR
  • AML
  • AMC
  • AMR
  • ST
For Phy. & Mental:
  • Any players who injured easily. (I usually sell these players away)
So what about you? Do you set your points automatically, or you prefer to do it manually like me? I'll like to hear from you in the comments below. Keep winning!