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Top Eleven Referrals

Top Eleven Referrals

I've mentioned in my previous post it's better to play this game together with your friends. Laugh together, angry together. But how to get your friends to know this game. Well, that's the importance of this tab - Referrals.

Once you are inside the Referrals, you'll be able to see "Tasks" that are preset for you.

These tasks allow you to earn easy Tokens to bid for players. Some of my tasks are:
  • Invite 5 referrals to the game,
  • Your referral achieved ticket sales of 6000 in one game,
  • You referral earned 32 tokens from media coverage in one season, etc ...
These are not hard or tough tasks, and they are mostly passive. All you have to do is to keep inviting your friends to play, and the tasks will be fulfilled themselves automatically. Even games allow you to make passive income :)

Top Eleven Invite

If you see the bottom left hand corner, you'll be able to see Invite. From there, you'll be able to send invites to your Facebook Friends, notifying them about this fun game.

Just tick all of the boxes and click Send Invites. That's it! Simple. Remember, after you've earned these tokens, do not spend anyhow. Save for better players, or to purchase health kits during emergency.

So how many friends have you invited? Let me know in the comments below.