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Top Eleven Club Shop

Top Eleven Club Shop

Club Shop is a place where you go shopping. You are able to purchase many stuff for your club, using Tokens. It's a way for the makers of this game to make money as well.

When you go into the Shop, you'll be able to see many different items sort according to:
  • New - All new items
  • On Sale - Items on Sale
  • Official - Official soccer jerseys and emblems such as AC Milan, Real Madrid
  • Health Packs - Help to important your players health
  • Jerseys - Change a nicer jersey for your team
  • Emblems - Change a nicer emblems for your team
  • Money - Using tokens to exchange for money
  • Storage - View all your items here
  • Gifts - Send daily free gifts such as Training Kit or Health Packs to your friends
Top Eleven New Items

As you can see, all the new items will be listed under New. You can have a quick look to see if any items interest you. I find this quite redundant. It's just a waste of Tokens.

Top Eleven Gifts

This Gift is important, which I'll do daily with my friends. You can send 4 items to your friends every day:

  • Medical Kit
  • Morale Kit
  • Health Kit
  • Training Kit
Once your friends received, they were able to send you back. Indirectly, you are increasing the kits daily with your friends. Win win situation!

Top Eleven Health Packs

Health packs are important, especially when the season is coming to an end, and your star player is injured. You need Health Pack to recover him immediately in order to play the important matches. I suggest you keep all your Kits for emergency. Do not use unless you are on the verge of eliminating, or fighting for promotion.

When you are short of the kits, you are able to exchange them from your Tokens. Use them wisely!

So how many items have you stored in your Storage? Care to share with us? Let me know in the comments below.