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Top Eleven Transfers Tips

Top Eleven Transfers

Transfer is one of the most exciting part of the game, besides the match itself. You have to outbid against other players in the world when you want to buy a player. This is when you want to build a stronger squad.

First of all, you have to go to Transfer Screen. It is the first tab of the game.

Once you are inside, you will see a list of players. These players are currently for sale on the market. You can see:
  • Roles/positions they play,
  • Age,
  • Quality,
  • Price,
  • Time.


You have to place the correct player at the correct position. If you are shortage of ML, you have to get a ML to replace. If not, the player will not be up to standard.


Age is correlated to injury. The older the player, the more likely-hood he'll get injured and the longer recovery time for him to recover (number of days). It is advisable to get young players as their stamina will drop lesser. However, younger players are always more expensive. You have to make your balance of a team mixed with young and old players yourself.


This is what you are after - Quality. As for now, you just have to take note of the number of stars. The higher the better. In later posts, I'll explain in details how to choose players that is of quality and cheap. Just know the basic will do as for now.


Price is the mitigating factor to select your player. Is the player you want to buy worth the price? Prices usually depend on the Age and Quality. A 20 year old player with a 4-star quality will cost the most, compared to a 32 year old player with 3 star quality. Make your balance.


This column will show you the remaining time of the bidding. It can take a few seconds to hours. Just monitor the players you are interested in.

The last 2 things you must take note is the Money ($) and the Tokens (T) you have. When you start the bidding war, you cannot stop and withdraw. You have to proceed all the way, so make sure you have ample money and tokens before you start bidding for a player.

So do you enjoy the game so far? Let me know in the comments below.