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U21 Youth Squad - Signing Youth Players

In my previous post about upgrading your stadium, one of the key things to upgrade is your Youth squad.

Upgrading Your U21 Youth Scout

Besides upgrading your stadium, you can consider improve your U21 Youth playing field. This step will allow your scout to find young, prospective players for you to sign.

The first upgrade will upgrade - Children's football goals with target practice, cones and nets. Ideal for any eager football player. After upgrading, your field will be L2.

This step will not change anything. You can continue to upgrade your field to L3 - A small field for youngsters to start playing football. This is crucial. After your field has became L3, you'll be able to get 2 new youngsters every season! Attractive? Read below.

My U21 Youth Players

When I received my first 2 U21 Youth Players, I was so excited. These players will not be listed at the Transfers. They will be found right inside your Squad. However, you have to sign them in order for them to play for you.

You can see from the above picture, I've been given 2 U21 Youth players. One of them is a 2 star player, while the other is a 4 star player!

Initially I thought these players come free, since I've built a field for them to play. I was wrong. When I clicked Jeffrey Ghazali, the 4 star player, I realized I have to sign them.

Although the player's very attractive, I've to pay 24 Tokens to sign him! It's way too much to sign a player for 24 Tokens! If you follow my steps on bidding players, you can sign the same quality with 1-2 tokens only. That's what I pay usually.

So what about you? Are you going to sign these U21 players? Do you think it's worth? Let me know in the comments below.