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Selling Players In Top Eleven

When comes to balancing your team in Top Eleven, you not only need to focus on buying good players. You need to learn how and when to sell your players, even if they are your ace players.

Why Sell Players?

The primary reason to sell your players is to cash them out. By selling them, you are able to get some money to bid for better players. There are several reasons for me to sell away my players such as:
  • Injury prone,
  • Old,
  • Not performing well,
  • Too many players in the same position.
These are the common reasons. Let's go into details.

Injury Prone Players

During the reason, especially when it comes to the last week or so, if any of my players are injured for a long period of time, eg: 10 days, I'll just sell them away. Anyway to me, they won't be able to play for the remaining matches anymore. So by selling them, I'll able to get immediate cash to purchase a replacement to last me till the end of reason. Remember, you have to battle all the way to the end.

Old Players

1 trick I'll often use is to purchase good, old players at the start of the season. However, I will have to gamble the players will not retire at the end of the season, else I'll lose all the money. Usually, just before the end of the reason, I'll sell away all my old players, such as age 30 years and above. If not, once they announce their retirement, I'll lose everything. You can look at the example below.

Andre Fong Tin Joen, one of my favorite player, announced his retirement at the age of 32. I'm not able to sell or renew his contract anymore. Therefore, I'll just lose this player after this season. No good.

Let's look at another example.

Liviu Kovacs. Age 32. He has not announce his retirement, but based on his age, I know he'll be gone soon. You can see he's a 4-star player. Rather than losing everything, I'll just sell him right before the reason ends. In this way, I'll still be able to get some cash out of him to buy better players next season.

Rule of thumb. Take note of your player's age. If they are reaching 30 years old and above, try to sell them early.

Not Performing Well

This is quite subjective. However, I do take note of the form of the players. If a particular player just can't perform, with form of average 6-6-6-6-6. I'll consider selling him. He's just not for the team.

Too Many Players In The Same Position

Sometimes, due to injury, I'll make some urgent purchase. After that, if I have 4 players playing the same position, I'll just sell away my weakest player. No point keeping so many players.

This game is about managing your team. You have to consider the actions to be taken before the next season. So what type of players do you sell away? Let me know in the comments below.