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Negotiations - Direct Club To Club Transfer Deals

I usually play Top Eleven through my iPhone. I like mobility, allowing me to go anywhere I want, and login to the game to watch my progress. This game never fail to entertain me daily, making my life somehow more exciting. (I'm a working employee, so this game saves me from the boring meetings.)

I've never play this game from my laptop, and until recently, while surfing my facebook, I decided to give it a try. Suddenly, a pop up came up to my surprise.

Direct Club to Club Transfer

Once you've reached Level 4, you are allowed to make direct offers to players from other clubs. This function only valid from your computer or laptop. It's still not accessible through mobile, and that's the reason I've not explore this function yet.

So what does it mean?

Making Direct Offer

Besides bidding for the players you want, you are allowed to make direct purchase of players you want. You can make an offer to another player, and if accepted, you can get his players.

First of all, you go to Transfers. Once in Transfer screen, you can click on Negotiate.

In this screen, you'll be able to see all the players listed. These players are usually of higher quality than normal Auction players, and they cost at least 6 Tokens to make an offer. These players are listed by another club and it's between you and him.

Making An Offer

To make an offer, you just have to click on the player.

Right below, you can see a bar. Just drag the cursor to increase the price and tokens offered. Of course, the higher the better. And take note, I've personally tried at the lowest price and 0 token. Guess what, after 3 tries, I gave up. No one will sell their star players cheap. You have to offer more to get their players.

Once you've offered, it'll take 24 hours for the other party to decide if your offer is accepted. If not, your Tokens will be refunded. So don't worry about the bidding. You can keep trying.

I wish this function can be added to mobile quickly, so that I can direct purchase using my iphone. Nevertheless, I still enjoy logging in to Facebook once a while to make some offers.

So what about you? Have you successfully bid for a player? Care to share your experience below in the comments?