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Top Eleven Finances

Top Eleven Finances

You have to be a businessman, an accountant to play this game successfully. Why? You have to manage the finances of your team. The whole team depends on you to manage it. Don't believe? Just go to the Finances Tab below:

 Once you are inside Finances, you'll be able to see the overview situation of your finances for that particular day, as well as the whole season.

Make sure your Income is always higher than your Expenses. It's pretty straight forward. If your expenses is higher, you'll be bankrupted! The game will then force to sell your Top Players in order to balance up your finances. You never want that to happen.

As you can see, for my whole season 3, I've made a profit of 3.86M, purely through ticketings, buy and sell players.

Top Eleven TV Rights

At the start of the season, you'll be able to get Tokens immediately, by signing up for TV Rights. There are 2 options available (until you've progress further):
  • Stable Income - 1 Token daily no matter what,
  • Extra for Dedication - Come back everyday to earn extra.
Since I'm a big fan of Top Eleven, I'll definitely sign for Option 2. It's a no brainer.

Top Eleven Sponsorship

The next screen when you slide left is the Sponsorship. This will allow you to sign a sponsorship, which will immediately let you access to a wealth of money. Similarly, there are 2 options:
  • Season Contract - Get 21.4k till end of season,
  • Biweekly Contract - Get 330k for 2 weeks.
Again, since I'm logging in everyday to check the status of the game, I'll sign for the second option as well in order to benefit more. Remember, cash is king. With more money, you'll be able to win the league easier. Look at Man City and Chelsea.

Top Eleven Tickets & Bonuses

I tend to miss out this step when I started playing this game. Do not make the same mistake as me. This screen allows you to control the pricing of your tickets for:
  • League
  • Champions League
  • Cup
  • Friendly
The higher the ticket sales pricing, the more money you'll earn. However, you have to balance the attendance and prices. If your prices are too high, the attendance will drop and your overall earnings for that match will drop too.

Tips for handling your pricing: check your stadium sizes and fans. If your fans are more than the seats available, you can increase your prices, while you continue to upgrade your seats. There will definitely be fans who are rich and wiling to pay to watch your team plays.

However, do take note. While your team is still fresh and new, the friendly matches will have zero attendance. That's very normal. Just focus on building your manager level to promote and your fans will automatically increase, followed by higher income.

So how much your team makes this season? Let me know in the comments below.