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Top Eleven Fixtures

Top Eleven Fixtures

Right after the News Tab will be Fixtures. This is where you can view all your fixtures for the season.

This is one of the most important tab I'll come daily, on top of the Squad and Transfers. Reason is simple. I need to know the upcoming matches before I make any plans for the day. If there are more than 1 match a day, I'll lower the intensity of the training in order not to injure my players.

As you can see, I have 3 matches within the 24 hours period. This will stretch my players and probably injure them if I'm not careful. I need to plan my move well. I'm coming to the end of the season and do not want to lose my placings because of that.

Top Eleven My Fixtures

Under My Fixtures as I've mentioned, you can monitor not only your future matches, you can see the past results as well. This is a good way to see the strength of your team, and decide which positions you need to strengthen your team at.

Top Eleven Friends' Fixtures

Next screen will be your friends' fixtures. You are able to view your friends' fixtures. This is a hidden competition among me and my friends. I'll like to monitor their matches, and see if my friends win or lose. Once the match if over, I'll just drop them an sms to congrats/laugh at them. It's fun when you are playing with many friends. I'll explain more in future posts.

Top Eleven Now Playing

The last tab will be Now Playing. When I took the screen shot, there wasn't any matches playing. However, if you follow your friends' progress, you'll be able to view them here. You are able to choose a side to support and the feeling is as though your team is playing! Try it!

So tell me, do you enjoy watching your friends' progress? Let me know in the comments below.