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Top Eleven Stadium

Top Eleven Stadium

Stadium is another interesting part in this game. This is where you can upgrade and improve your stadium and facilities to earn more money to bid better players.

Once you entered Stadium, you'll be able to see the overall view. It'll be a flat piece of ground initially. You need to save money to do the upgrading, which will take days to weeks.

Waiting for the upgrading is the most painful thing. You can't do anything besides wait. As you can see, I'm currently upgrading my stadium to Level 2.

1 piece of advise. Start your upgrading by improving your stadium and increase the number of seats. This will allow you to sell more tickets which in turn give you more revenue. At the beginning, you need lots of money, to bid players as well as doing other upgrades.

Top Eleven Build

If you go into Build mode, you'll be able to see the status and progress.

There are many things for you to build and improve, such as:

  • Stadium - the overall and most important asset
  • Seats - to increase revenues
  • Pitch - lower the injury of your players
  • Lights - Illuminate the stadium (quite useless)
  • Scoreboard - To view the scores (quite useless)
  • Medical - Lower the risk of injuries
  • Youth - Able to attract youngsters and sign them
  • Training - Train your players daily to improve the stats
  • Parking - Increase game attendance, thus increase revenues
  • Utilities - Provides good and drinks and thus another source of income

As you can see, there are many things you can do. This will take 3-10 days per upgrade. It's a slow game and you can get to enjoy the matches while your stadium is upgrading.

Some of the upgrades I've done first are:

  1. Stadium - Improve first
  2. Seats - The more the better
  3. Training - This can train your players and sell them for higher profits
  4. Medical - Get free medical kits
  5. Youth - For long term, able to get young, good players
You can follow what I've done so far (level 3). It does help my team to progress to the next stage.

So what about you? How are you upgrading your stadium? Let me know in the comments below.