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Top Eleven Training

Top Eleven Training

The second tab of the game will be Training. This is when your players can improve and level up.

When you go into the tab, you can set the the status of your players.

For me, I'll set the Intensity of the training to Level 3. That will increase the training points, but the drawback will be the condition of players will drop more. You have to monitor the Condition of your players to prevent them from injury.

You can see the progress of your players and once they've achieve the maximum (blue bar), they will level up. Each star represent 5 levels as such
  • 1 Star - Quality 10-15
  • 2 Star - Quality 16-20
  • 3 Star - Quality 21-25
  • 4 Star - Quality 26-30
  • 5 Star - Quality 31-35
Remember, this is when your manager level is from 1-5. Once you've increased your manager level, all your players will drop 1 star during a new season although the quality remains. This is due to a more competitive league you are in.

Top Eleven Exercises

When you swipe left to the next screen, you will go into Exercises tab. This is where you can train your players immediately.

The long blue bar indicates the time remaining for your team to recover. You can select the types of training you want for your team. The 3 types of trainings are:
  •  Stretching - Gain 10%. Fatigue 3%
  • Cardio - Gain 20%. Fatigue 6%.
  • Practice Match - Gain 30%. Fatigue 9%.
I suggest you do it daily, but you must take note of the number of matches you are going to play that day, and how tired your team is. Do not over-stretch them until 1/2 your team are injured. This is a good way to train your team, and sell your players for higher profits.

So have you start training your team? Let me know in the comments below.