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Top Eleven Competition

Top Eleven Competition

When you go to the fourth tab, it'll be Competition. This is where you can see where you are standing currently at different competitions.

Inside Competition, you have can there are 3 types of competitions:
  • League
  • Champions League
  • Cup

 Let me explain the difference for the 3.

Top Eleven League

This is the default competition. When you start the game, you will automatically be assigned to group with other 13 players within your manager level. You will play against all these 13 players twice - 1 Home and 1 Away game.

For each game you win, you'll be awared 3 points. Draw game will entitled 1 point, and if you lose, 0 points. The table will show the current points each team has currently.

From the table you can see the follow:
  • MP - Matches played
  • W - Win
  • D - Draw
  • L - Lose
  • GF - Goals for
  • GA - Goals against
  • GD - Goals difference
  • PT - Points
  • Form - Well, form.
The whole season will last 1 month, and you'll play 13x2 - 26 league matches. End of the season, you'll see where you are in the table. For the Top 4 teams, they will automatically participate in the Champions League, which is a higher level of challenge.

The Top 7 teams will be promoted and your Manager Level will increase. You can see I'm currently Level 3, standing 2nd in my table. Prizes will be given depending on your Manager Level, the higher, the more money you'll get. As for me, these are the prizes:
  • 1st - 3.3M
  • 2nd - 3.15M
  • 3rd - 3M
  • 4th - 2.85M
  • 5th - 2.7M
  • 6th - 2.55M
  • 7th - 2.4M
  • Prize per match - 57.7k
So you can see, if you finish top of the table, you can have more money to buy new players next season. It's important to stay at Top 4!

Top Eleven Champions League

I find this Champions League competition the best. I always find it very exciting. If you finish Top 4 in your previous season, you are able to play automatically. Remember, all the players finished Top 4 in their last seasons, which mean they are strong! These teams, including you have 1 motive, to get the ultimate Champions League Cup back!

You will play in a small league of 4 teams. There will be 9 matches to play and top 2 teams will be promoted for stage 2.

At stage 2, it'll be knock out stage. Each team will be assigned to play with another team twice - 1 Home and 1 Away match. The total aggregate will determine which team will proceed on. This knock out stage starts from 16 teams all the way to the final 2 teams battling for the Champions League Cup.

As you can see, I'm in the Quarter Finals, hammering my opponents 6-0 in the first game. I have high chance of going into Semi Finals! Cheers for me!

You will be awarded prizes once you are playing for Champions Leagues, so it's a very good way to earn extra cash. The prizes are as such:
  • Win - 891k
  • Final - 685k
  • Semi - 527k
  • 1/4 - 406k
  • 1/8 - 312k
  • Group - 240k
Try your best to fight as high as possible. Get the cup under your belt.

Top Eleven Cup

Lastly, it'll be the Cup, or normally it'll be called FA Cup. This is a knocked out game from the start. The players are having same Manager Level as you, so each of you have equal chance to win the Cup back.

As you can see, I've already been knocked out of the Cup :( Nevertheless, all the best to the last 4 surviving teams. The prizes are slightly lower than Champions League, but still good money
  • Win - 446k
  • Final - 343k
  • Semi - 264k
  • 1/4 - 203k
  • 1/8 - 156k
  • Poff - 120k
  • Qual - 90k
  • Prel - 60k
I've not won this Cup yet and I'm eager to collect this Cup once at least. However, I've to wait till the next season. So how's your progress so far? Let me know in the comments below.